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CIT Registration for Wellesley Youth Baseball/Terriers Sport Hometown Baseball

The Summer Hometown Baseball League is offered by Wellesley Youth Baseball and run by Terriers Sports. It is a popular in-town baseball program that allows kids to play baseball without the competitive stress other summer leagues may have. CITs are need to support the student coaches and staff in providing a fun, instruction environment for the players. 

Incentive Stipend Program:  Our program is unique in that it includes an incentive stipend program to motivate and reward CITs to demonstrate a consistent effort to participate and contribute.  Our incentive program has resulted in tremendous engagement, and we look forward to providing our CITs with more enjoyable and beneficial experiences. In order to offer participation to all, registrations fund CIT incentives and also support need and achievement scholarships. The stipend for a good days work is $50/game. 


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