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June Baseball - CIT


CIT Reg. for June Baseball

April Baseball: Our Coach & Play programs introduce middle school participants to our Coaching program, providing valuable learning experiences along with plenty of opportunities to enjoy.   Led by our program directors, our student coaches manage a team of players and provide instruction in athletics and sportsmanship.   Our coaches also enjoy free play warmups, assisting with skill sessions, opportunities as coaches and umpires during games, and sideline play during games.

One of the most meaningful components of our program is the participation of Terriers camper “graduates” in our Coach In Training (CIT) and Coaching & Leadership Program. The vast majority of our staff of Supervisors, Coaches and CITs enjoyed Terriers growing up and are dedicated to providing the same great Terriers experiences and traditions to the next generation.

Incentive Stipend Program:  Our program is unique in that it includes an incentive stipend program to motivate and reward CITs to demonstrate a consistent effort to participate and contribute.  Our incentive program has resulted in tremendous engagement, and we look forward to providing our CITs with more enjoyable and beneficial experiences. In order to offer participation to all, registrations fund CIT incentives and also support need and achievement scholarships. The stipend for a good days work is $20/day. 


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